Hotel Kinsley Restaurant


At the corner of Wall & John Streets is Restaurant Kinsley, a modern oasis that brings with it the vibrant energy of Kingston. Born out of a deep appreciation of the city and the greater Hudson Valley alike, Restaurant Kinsley is the mutual passion of Chef Zak Pelaccio, restaurateur Taavo Somer, and developer Charles Blaichman. With Kingston in mind, Chef Pelaccio worked with Fish & Game partner Kevin Pomplun to develop a seasonal, locally sourced menu designed around the harvest of regional farmers. What resulted is New American cuisine that’s an expression of the land surrounding it. With a menu that is both fresh and comforting, we’ve created a dining destination that will keep you coming back. Restaurant Kinsley offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks seven days a week, adding a dose of vitality to it’s historic uptown neighborhood.


Tuesday to Thursday  5PM to 9PM
Friday to Saturday 5PM to 10PM
Closed Sunday Monday

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